20 Questions TagI was tagged by the wonderful @my-darling-boy! Name: You all can call me… J. That works.Nickname: None at the moment, sadly :(Zodiac sign: VirgoHeight: 5'6"/no idea what that is in centimetresAge: Anywhere from 5 - 3,000; you decideLanguages spoken: I’m fluent in English, mostly fluent in German, and very basic conversational in FrenchNationality: … Continue reading


Alleyway #5All these alleyways painted with ashes–They leave stains on your fingersAnd choke you with cigarette smoke;With something sweeter than thisHeavy and twined through the air.This is alleyway five (I’ve counted)Where you’ve fallen to your knees,Choking on darkness and blood–Streaming down your face and leaving streaks,And drips on the concrete below you.Let the light reach … Continue reading